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"No lines, No laps, No Lectures" - Karl Dewazien

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FUNdamental 9 Step Practice Routine

Purchase the 9 Step Practice Routine book in the FUN shop!The book that's revolutionizing the youth soccer world! An amazing, revolutionary approach in training and coaching the basic skills of the game. Patient, consistent, sequential exposure to this nine-step method will produce champion youth soccer players!  

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FUNdamental  9-Step Practice Routine DVD 

Purchase the 9-Step DVD in the FUN shop!This newly released DVD is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to coach youth soccer. Inside this outstanding work you'll get absolutely everything any soccer coach needs.You don't have to follow one-dimensional diagrams or charts. In fact, you don't have to read a thing. With this DVD, you SEE the action and each specific move exactly as it needs to be executed. You SEE and HEAR Koach Karl direct real children in a real soccer situation. It's the next best thing to a live workshop.
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FUNdamental Tactics of Champions

How to pan and organize soccer practices.  Learn the simple, yet effective methods to teach soccer tactics to youth players.


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FUNdamental Goalkeeping

Books & ReadingThis book is packed with the essential knowledge for the development of this specialized position, while maintaining the fun of the game.

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Practica FUNdamental del Futbol

 Books & ReadingSPANISH translation of
"FUNdamental Soccer Practice"

El futbol es un deporte simple de ensenar, requiere abilidades simples como los son: leer, estudiar y comprender la informacion presentada en este libro llamado: "Fundamentos de Balonpie" y en la serie de videos. Los fundamentos que aprenderas con estos materiales te convertiran en un exitoso entrenador de ninos.  Find out more about it:

Totally FUNdamental Soccer

Coloring Book!Family Life 

This is the player supplement to the "FUNdamental Practice" book. 70 page soccer picture book designed in a coloring book format. Excites the players to 'want to' practice at home. For young players to read, color, study, and understand and the game.

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