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"No lines, No laps, No Lectures" - Karl Dewazien

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FUNdamental 9 Step Practice Routine

Purchase the 9 Step Practice Routine book in the FUN shop!The book that's revolutionizing the youth soccer world! An amazing, revolutionary approach in training and coaching the basic skills of the game. Patient, consistent, sequential exposure to this nine-step method will produce champion youth soccer players!  $14.97

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FUNdamental  9-Step Practice Routine DVD 

Purchase the 9-Step DVD in the FUN shop!
This newly released DVD is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to coach youth soccer. Inside this outstanding work you'll get absolutely everything any soccer coach needs.You don't have to follow one-dimensional diagrams or charts. In fact, you don't have to read a thing. With this DVD, you SEE the action and each specific move exactly as it needs to be executed. You SEE and HEAR Koach Karl direct real children in a real soccer situation. It's the next best thing to a live workshop. $34.97
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FUNdamental Tactics of Champions Learn how to organize your soccer practice. 

How to plan and organize soccer practices. Learn the simple, yet effective methods to teach soccer tactics to youth players. $14.97 

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FUNdamental Goalkeeping

Essential knowledge that Goalkeepers need to know.This book is packed with the essential knowledge for the development of this specialized position, while maintaining the fun of the game. $14.97

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GENESIS DVD -before the 9-Step Routine

This newly released DVD is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to coach youth soccer. Inside this outstanding work you'll get absolutely everything any soccer coach needs. This is a DVD in a classroom setting where Karl Dewazien, Coaching Director for California Youth Soccer North, gives to step by step directions on how to coach your team, what to do in practice and game day.  Learn from other coaches just like yourself who are beginning to master the techniques of youth soccer coaching at the ground level.  Karl is a master teacher when it comes to making learning FUN. Don't miss out on this great DVD, a must have! $24.97

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 To Get this DVD Free - purchase the 9-Step DVD and 9-Step Book for $49.97 and get this DVD as our FREE Gift. You wil also receive Bonuses that all up to a $130 Value.



 Every Boy's Dream by Chris Green


British football continues to fail to nurture top-class football talent.

With some 10,000 boys in the system at any time – and less than one per cent of those boys likely to make it as professional footballers – there is a real need for a long, hard look at our domestic football development system. Who funds the system? How are the boys recruited? Who is responsible for their coaching and what qualifications do they have for the job? Who looks after their welfare, ensuring they are enjoying the sport and still keeping up with their schooling while under the clubs' stewardship? What happens when the boys don't make the cut and are released by the clubs?

Every Boy’s Dream does not pull any punches. It lays the blame at the doors of the authorities in charge of youth football. But, rather than just listing the faults of system – which are many, as the hard-hitting real-life examples demonstrate – it provides tales of inspiration and a blueprint for the future of the national game. It is the most thorough book ever written about football youth development, and cracks through the age-old veneer of perceived wisdom that has stifled debate on the subject.
About the Author
Chris Green is a BBC Radio 5 Live/Radio 4/ Radio 1 broadcaster and a former presenter/producer of the sports investigative programme On The Line. His written work has appeared in The Sunday Times, Observer Sport Monthly, Financial Times, Times Educational Supplement and FourFourTwo. He is also currently a regular contributor to School Sport magazine and PE & Sport Today.  Click here to order this book...