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"No lines, No laps, No Lectures" - Karl Dewazien

 November Newsletter 2011


The Soccer Sports Letter November 2011

Soccer Coaching Tips & Advice

Celebrating Our
13th Anniversary
5 activities to improve confidence with the ball by Ken Kruse

Do you want your soccer players to improve their ball skills? What coach doesn’t! Ask your players to dedicate 10-15 minutes every day at home toward these activities. These soccer activities can be ... Read More..

That Which Does Not Destroy Us by Roby Stahl
Many to prefer to talk about the coaches, opponents, teammates, etc and avoid the real issue that some struggles are good for kids and make them develop. This why I advocate coaches using an empowerme... Read More..

Self-Talk and Player Development by Othon Castillo 
We all talk to ourselves. Some of us do it out loud, but most of us do it internally. We talk to ourselves as fast as 200 words per minute. What we say with those 200 words is extremely powerful. Self... Read More..


Sideline coaching -- Dump the GPS and let the kids drive

Now, I had observed this parent’s sideline behavior several times, and had also seen him silenced by his daughter’s coach on more than one occasion. This parent’s pearls of coaching wisdom included p... Read More..



Learning from Mistakes 
From my observation of youth soccer coaches both in practice and clinic situations; I would like to pinpoint some of the common errors that they make. The more you know about them, the more prepared y... Read More..  offers numerous FREE articles to help youth soccer coaches do all of the above.  Click here to learn more..

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