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"No lines, No laps, No Lectures" - Karl Dewazien

 September Newsletter 2010



9-Steps to Practice Consistency that will MASSIVELY INPROVE YOUR PLAYERS  and YOUR COACHING!





"As the Coaching Director for California State Youth Soccer Association North and coaching for the last 30 years, I have read lots of books and seen many DVDs on coaching soccer.  There's some great stuff covering every imaginable aspect of soccer coaching but for universal appeal, nothing has come close to the 9-Step Practice Routine" Koach Karl Dewazien

  Gary Waltz USYS Coach of the Year               Gary Waltz proudly holds his award for his
USSF Boys Coach of the Year and his copy of
Koach Karl's "9-Step Practice Routine" DVD

The 9-Step Practice Routine DVD - "For the beginning coach, it will really help them form a great practice. The material is so logically and simply presented that I think most people will find it very easy to understand and implement." Coach John Anagnost
FUNdamental Soccer Endings...Dear Youth Soccer Coach,
This puts an end to it once and for all…
An end to frustration
An end to boredom
An end to confusion
An end to running laps
An end to lectures
An end to standing in lines
An end to poor technique
An end to over-coaching
An end to embarrassment
Here is your chance to join the 10’s of thousands of youth coaches including “National Youth Coaches of the Year” who have dramatically improved their players in a very short period of time using our information.  Youth coaches who have told us that, ‘Patient, consistent-sequential exposure to the ‘9-Step Practice Routine’ produced real results –very quickly!
Click Here to Get The Packet Before It’s Too Late.
P.S. If you have any coaching questions you should be able to find answers on my ‘free’ web-site(s): or
P.S.S. If you don’t find the answer on these sites then don’t hesitate to send your question directly to me and expect a quick  ‘free’ response Click Here

                                              Mehdi Siadat, USSF Boys Coach of the Year

Mehdi Siadat, USSF Boys Coach of the Year
always uses the "9-Step Practice Routine"

Three Special Bonuses For Your Quick Action Click  Here   Frequently Asked Questions:


 You will see how to use small sided games to improve your players ball control.

Learn the"Serve" and teach your players to look before passing, a FUNdamental skill to learn in the game of soccer.

Soccer is a simple game to play, requiring simple skills. What makes great soccer players is perfecting these skills. The more the players touch the ball - the more skill they will obtain and the more confidence they will have.

 GOALKEEPING HELP: Check out Koach Karl's FUNdamental Goalkeeping Book - an essential for training your Youth Soccer Goalkeeper

 Semi-Kneel Training Getting "Ready" from Awkward Positions

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