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"No lines, No laps, No Lectures" - Karl Dewazien

 May Newsletter 2011

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The Soccer Sports Letter  May 2011
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Soccer Coaching Tips & Advice
It's a great honor to be a youth soccer coach.... it means that you have to be a role model and undertake many different tasks with your team, supporters and club.

One of those essential tasks is to inspire and motivate your team.

But... who inspires and motivates you?
Every now and again we get a few messages from coaches who are disillusioned or feeling a bit frustrated with their coaching because of the "hassle factor" that can sometimes come with the territory.

So to honor you and give you a lift today we have a few short videos that we're sure will bring a smile to your face, re-invigorate your energy levels, inspire and motivate you...

ThumbnailGenesis Part I Motivate Players to Learn to Love the Game - this video shows you how to motivate your players to Love the Game of Soccer in this newly released video called Genesis- Before the 9-Step Routine.

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 'My father ... The best coach I ever had' by Matthew M. Burke -Win or lose — fun, hustle, and respect have always been the three focal points of the elder Morris' coaching philosophy, which also includes good sportsmanship."He is really a great guy," Bourne Youth... Read More..
Soccer dads are "coach" to daughters by John Boccacino

Chances are good that, on any given week night, Bill Bennett can be found on the soccer pitch. Soccer has become akin to a second full-time occupation for the Spencerport resident. Only this gig invol... Read More..

Parenting on the Same Page

Parents often disagree about how to raise their children. Many parents talk out these differences and reach a common ground. When they do not find common ground, the differences cause problems. Parent... Read More..

Outside the Lines - Parental Support by Andrew Ransome

Parents can earn a poor reputation for their actions regardless of intent, which inevitably affects their child’s success in soccer. However, positive parental participation and support is crucial to ... Read More..

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