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"No lines, No laps, No Lectures" - Karl Dewazien

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Nine Step Practice Routine 

Soccer is a simple game to play, requiring simple skills. What makes great soccer players is perfecting these skills. Koach Karl Dewazien is a United States Soccer Federation “A” Licensed coach. He has dedicated his life to teaching coaches the most efficient way to teach our children. His techniques are both simple and effective and they get results.  FUNdamental Practice of Champions is a 9-step routine that helps children become better soccer players while having fun.    

This is the ultimate tutorial for coaching youth soccer. Even if you're a seasoned veteran you'll benefit immensely from the "9-Step Practice Routine  because you'll see the logical sequence and the brilliant - yet simple and easy - techniques taught by Koach Karl himself. The entire DVD was shot on the field. You'll see close-ups and distance shots of every move... the exercise sequence to follow... and hear the exact words to say for best results. Koach Karl explains every step and the reasons behind it. He makes it clear and simple enough for a child to understand. And you SEE the move exactly as it should

happen — eliminating confusion.     Just imagine being able to coach youth soccer anytime, almost anywhere  without the embarrassment of just plain not knowing what to do next! 

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Hi Koach Karl,
My review of your “9-Step Practice Routine” book : 
" Another winner in the FUNdamental series of books written by noted youth soccer coach Karl Dewazien.  The “9-Step Practice Routine” offers a unique child centered approach that certainly works with younger players. The book offers some great tips that make practices both satisfying and enjoyable for all involved.  It reinforces the concept that soccer is a simple game to understand, play and coach. It should be an essential part of any soccer library for coaches of players of any age!"
Dick Howard 
Member FIFA Technical and Development Committee


























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See what Daniel Frankl, Ph.D.,Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science says about Koach Karl's book: click here See what "real life" coachs say about the 9 Steps...Read the Testimonials Below! 

   Hi Koach Karl,   I am a coach of a U9 boy’s team in Colorado. I have been coaching a soccer team for about 6 years now. It has only been during this season that I have come across your website and started to read all of the wonderful material you have. Our fall season begins in a couple of weeks and I am sitting here with your books and DVD and can't wait for the season to start.

Coach Dave Says-"It has been clear to me over the course of the season that we have been trying to teach the girls too much, too fast and have not been taking the approach if teaching a single concept at a time – consequently the learning curve has been very, very slow and shallow. Further, I have observed that during the games the girls are relatively timid in attacking the ball – they seem to be waiting for something rather than challenging the opposing player, etc. Having used the 9-step routine over the past couple of years I have been frustrated with this and have felt all along that applying the 9-step routine would really, really help these girls.  Trying to teach them only one concept each practice just seems to make more sense than working on several tactical things each practice. I also felt that the 1 1 and 1v1 games could really help these girls learn how to attack that ball and be a little more aggressive. If I sound like a salesman, I am – I really, really believe in the 9-step approach – I’ve seen it work!

Here's Another Testimonial:
Due to a series of unlikely events, I recently found myself (as in the day before practice and near the end of the season) as the sole coach of this demoralized team (both parents and players). For my first practice, as per your suggestion, I let them just get out there and have fun playing soccer – and did that by applying a modified 9- step approach. Starting practice and warm-ups were pretty straightforward; for the 1 1 and 1v1 games, I helped them set up the fields, showed what to do and let ‘em rip. They got it really quick – I only had them move the ball around the pattern, not focusing on how to go around each cone, use sole of the foot or anything like that. I was happy to get them going around the cones, serving and playing a 1v1 game. I let them do this for quite a while (about 25 minutes) because they seemed to be having fun. I was pleased to hear several of the girls say, “I know how to do this” as we were setting things up. We kept score and I promised the two high scorers they would be captains at the next game. After halftime, I went straight to the scrimmage because a couple of the girls needed to leave early and I wanted to make sure they were included in the team event. They had a great time – it was one of the very few “true “ scrimmages the team has had all year. They had a blast, scored a bunch of goals – and they got quite a workout!"Coach Dave Rice-Petaluma, California 

Coach Lynn had this to say:

Prior to the beginning of this season I decided to adjust our course. We spent the first 4 to 6 weeks working only on dribbling, using all parts of the foot, adding in some feints, and working on control of the ball. It sounds as though your "9 Step Practice Routine" incorporates all of this and extends on the ideas.  I can't wait to see what it has to add.

Just focusing on dribbling and ball control via the use of 1 v 1 games has taken this team to a whole new level.  We have gone from a good team for our league to a team that has completely dominated every game.  

Thanks for making so much information available just on your website. There is so much there I have gone back and read several articles at different times during the season. After all, repetition is the key even for us coaches.  I am going to finish reading your book(s), watching the DVD (over and over again) and learning even more this year.   Sincerely,Lynn


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"Coach Karl's 9-step Practice Routine DVD is a very valuable teaching and training tool. It compliments Section 4 in the Practice of Champions book by adding the extra detail of "seeing it live". The DVD covers all aspects of a practice session from beginning to the end. I started using 9-steps last year after meeting Coach Karl in Tacoma Washington. He has influenced me and how I practice more than any other coach in any sport."
--Coach Rory F. Diessner

           “I had thought (prior to the class) that some of the themes cannot be done in a (one + one) setting. But following review with instructors and creative thinking by the candidates. I now have no doubt that (one + one) and (one vs. one) are a slice of the big pie and are both very educational and FUN!” Behzad

            “I am going to completely utilize the 9-Steps in my training. I did however have to be convinced that it was the right approach. I am now convinced..! Mc Dowell
            “This is an excellent way to help breakdown your theme for practice and give all the players many touches on the ball. I will definitely use the 9-Step routine in my practice sessions!” Angell
            “I like it because this provides a deliberate place to teach the necessary fundamentals of the theme to each players as they need it. It also facilitates developing players individually by maximizing their ball touches during a given practice period.” Hayes
            “On the one + one and one vs. one. It reinforced what I had forgotten from other courses that I attended. Great way of training young players. I can, now, see that it can also be implemented with older players.” Villasenor
            “I have used ‘the Serve’ a few time since attending a previous course. But now I feel like I understand it and will use it and variation of it in all my sessions.” Anderson
            “My teams practice sessions have always combined the 1+1 and 1 vs. 1 in one. The method I followed seemed to be practical and direct to the point. During this course, however, I directly experienced the benefits from separating the two. As a result of this experience I was able to elevate the level of my understanding above and beyond implementation.” Assaf





































 Book Series



FUNdamental Soccer Practice of Champions

FUNdamental Soccer Practice of Champions - Koach Karl pulls from his 30 years plus of coaching experience and gives you a 154-page, fully illustrated book of detailed, step-by-step instruction on EXACTLY what a coach needs to know to successfully run a youth soccer practice... AND, the perfect complement to his "9-Step Practice Routine" DVD.

   9- Steps to Success- FUNdamental Soccer Practice Routine


FUNdamental Soccer Tactics of Champions

FUNdamental Tactics of Champions -
Quickly learn the simple, yet highly effective soccer tactics you can easily teach your youth soccer players.
Newly updated international best seller now has 32 additional pages packed with the secret tactics of championship youth soccer. 





FUNdamental Soccer Goalkeeping

FUNndamental Soccer Goalkeeping -
Quickly learn the simple, yet highly effective goalkeeping techniques you can easily teach your youth soccer players. Fun goalkeeping exercises and drills for all player ages guarantees a positive experience for coaches and players alike.Excellent for seasoned as well as beginning coaches.



FUNdamental Soccer Guide

blankFUNdamental  Soccer Guide  - Understand the introductory aspects of the game. Covers everything from A to Z in youth soccer. An indispensable guide for anyone needing to learn the youth game fast! Be totally prepared to help your child grow in this sport.

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