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"No lines, No laps, No Lectures" - Karl Dewazien

 These are the Reasons why the 9-Step Routine Really Works!



By Sean McCann, PhD,

U.S. Olympic Committee

Performances Services

Sport Psychologist


Routines- Helping an athlete do the right things - Read More

"Routines - Helping An Athlete Do
The Right Things"

by Sean McCann, PhD, Sport Psychologist

"A Routine Helps An Athlete Stay Active And Focused On Useful Behaviors"
by Sean McCann, PhD, Sport Psychologist

"A Routine Enhances Feelings Of Control And Confidence"
by Sean McCann, PhD, Sport Psychologist

"Routines Help Make Useful Behavior Automatic"
by Sean McCann, PhD, Sport Psychologist

"Routines Increase The opportunity For The Brain To Focus On The Proper Things"
by Sean McCann, PhD, Sport Psychologist

"Routines - Helping An Athlete Avoid Doing The Wrong Things"
by Sean McCann, PhD, Sport Psychologist

"Routines Help Prevent Dumb Mistakes"
by Sean McCann, PhD, Sport Psychologist

"The Coaches Role In Building Routines"
by Sean McCann, PhD, Sport Psychologist

"FUNdamental Soccer and Aging"
by Koach Karl Dewazien, USSF "A" Licensed Coach


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This Never Happens with the 9-Step Routine by Coach Gianni Mininni

What’s the meaning of practices? Beside the absurd wasting of time by staying in lines and doing nothing, please tell me when we stand on the field for 2 or 3 minutes in a game situation, or even for 10 seconds?  NEVER!!!!So, why is the majority of the time spent on the field at practices, spent staying in line? Plus, if you want to be 100% sure to lose control of the kids and make them push each other or fight, there is not a better way than to make them stay in line and do nothing! Read More

 coaching youth soccer

Stakeholders and Buy-in: Managing to a Successful Season

Most coaches, at some level, understand the importance of managing players’ expectations. If you have ever taken a CYSA Coaching License course, you’ve been exposed to a great tool for managing players’ expectations. Have you ever heard of the “9 step practice routine”? With the 9 step practice routine, players know what to expect when they come to practice. Practice isn’t just an hour and a half of drills ending with the coach asking, “Can anyone guess what we worked on today?” Players know that practice has a rhythm, flow, and destination. This in turn allows them to focus on the task at hand. In short, coaches know that managing players’ expectations is essential to creating a successful season. We are trained to ensure that players know what to expect and consistently work hard to make sure that there are no surprises.  Read More


coaching youth soccer

 IT WORKS BY Dan Minutillo, AVYSL

The key to teaching our game is to break complicated concepts down to very simple parts and then to practice these concepts over and over again until they imprint onto the player. Once imprinted, this complicated concept becomes part of the players’ routine when playing the game and it is then advantageous to move onto the next theme to be taught to your team using the ‘9 Step Routine’. The ‘Routine” is built to cause repetition of concepts and movement revolving around a central theme for each practice. Read More 

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