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"No lines, No laps, No Lectures" - Karl Dewazien

 Koach Karl gives advice on these Topics


These Coaches sent an email to Koach Karl and he personally responded to them - this is just a sample of their communication - perhaps they can be helpful to you, your team or your players..Why not get Advice from his 30 years of Coaching experience...

  Diary of a U10 Coach - Part I - 6:

        Questions from "Coach Dave" & Responses from Koach Karl:

  • New! Coach Dave #7 moved up to U12 - read about his experiences! "I can't stand being assistant coach any more,.... A similar thing that happened to David happened to me, and then I had to assist a strong willed head coach who had kids standing in lines"
  • Coach Dave #8 - Team Spirit  - I took the opportunity of the game to emphasize team spirit - if you recall there has been some infighting -they handled this great. We all spent the game cheering our teammates on no matter what they did. Read More...
  •  Coach Dave #9 - Encouragement is Best - you must be careful as to which players you chose to embarrass. What you did can be a devastating experience for a young player who lacks self-confidence 
  • Coach Dave #10 - Building on Their Strengths - I simply asked them if they had a fancy move to use and asked them to use it in the one against one games and the short-side and regular scrimmages. 
  • Coach Dave #11 - Repetition is the Key to Success - This time, we had much more time for the 1 v 1 games (also, for these more advanced, I encouraged them to follow the defensive “pattern” if they were going to receive the serve - this too worked pretty well).
  • Coach Dave #12 - The Dream Sequence - The one thing that I did differently (Thanks, Karl!!) was instead of trying to organize the small-sided games for the kids, I just told them who was playing where and let them set up their own fields and get things going themselves. It worked great.
  • Coach Dave #13 - Tired coach = Distracted players! -The girls are able to read body language and lack of enthusiasm and they will take advantage. Every normal child will test what your limits are and if you are tired then your limit will be extremely low. This may also set the precedent for future practice behavior
  • Coach Dave #14 - Throwing Mud - Bad Behavior Situations - If they are not busy then they will have time to ‘sling mud!’ Your goal is to keep the players active either: Laying out their fields or Moving after the ball.
  • Coach TG : Laying out their Enviornment with "Follow Me, Ducks" - I can't get the boys to understand how to lay out their small fields in preparation for the 1 1, 1v1. 
  • Kicking Incorrectly -- How do you teach the correct way to kick? 

   Questions from "Coach John A" U10 Coach & Responses from Koach Karl:

  • Coach John A #1 - Video and The Serve " I'm still somewhat uneasy about the “serve”. "
  • Coach John A #2 Dribbling and Getting Bored "Frankly, the dribbling drills (not games for sure) have always posed something of a problem for me."
  • Coach John A #3 Can You Teach Dribbling? "Many of my fellow coaches sneer at the idea of "teaching" dribbling. "You can't teach dribbling, it's an art."
  • Coach John A #4 Emphasis on 1v1  "The bottom line is that if a kid can beat another on the dribble, or conversely if he can defend 1 on 1, then the team game becomes much easier. "
  • Coach John A #5 Lazy Player  "I must say that I do have high expectations for all the kids. I've found if I expect a lot, and show confidence in them, then kids can do an awful lot more than people expect".
  • Coach John A #6 Tournament Elimination "The bad thing of course is that the fun for many of the kids is thus tied to winning, and competition being what it is means only half the kids "have fun". 
  • Coach John A #7 Learning the Turn "Since most of the "pre-serve" routine consists of dribbling and turning around the cones, do you specifically teach the hook turns before the serve, or do you do it later?"
  • Coach John A #8  Ball Hogs "As for their hanging on to the ball too long and becoming potential 'ball hogs' Again, no need to worry your players are going through yet another developmental stage. All players go through 'three stages' in their development."
  • Coach John A #9 We've come a Long Way  "3 years ago, I had never coached and never played the game, and now I can honestly say you've helped me become a pretty darn good coach."
  • Coach John A #10  My Players become Competitors "Your team has the most heart I have ever seen in a U10 team. Your team doesn't quit, plays hard from beginning to end", said the Referee. 
  • Coach John A #11 Shooting Zone "The guys get nervous, sometimes overpass because they're afraid to shoot, are sometimes afraid they will miss and finally take a weak shot."
  • Coach John A #12 Shooting and Scoring "Everyone who watches us is amazed that we can create so many shots – mainly because of the superior dribbling that I credit to your program - but also amazed we can miss so many shots."
  • Coach John A #13 Bad Influence "You've actually had a bad influence on me. I went to my daughter's first baseball practice, and the coach had all the kids stand in lines doing boring drills. I was going nuts."

 Coach John A First Practice with U12 Girls Fundament Soccer Works "Many coaches, in the past, have pooh-poohed my practices as being too much fun, too soft, not militaristic enough. In all my years of coaching I have never made teams do calisthenics or run laps in practice. Despite this, I now have the reputation for the team that plays the hardest of anyone. So much for FUNdamental soccer being non-competitive."

Coach John A U12 Skills Practice Skills "Every year it always amazes me how few skills the girls have at the beginning of the year. I’m looking at our team now and comparing it to where our U10 team was at the end of last year, and it is night and day."

Coach John A U12 Game No Energy -No Energy in the First Half "Well, today was one of those days that anyone who has ever coached can relate to. Our team came out without any energy at all, totally standing around, and we were down 3-0 after the 1st quarter to the #1 team in the league."

Coach John A U12 - Reap What we Sow  "I didn't appreciate what I thought was the running up of the score at the end, but eventually we all reap what we sow..."

Coach  John A Forcing Play Inside U 12-Forcing Play Inside  "We played well for large portions of the game, but they had way too much team speed across the roster for us to handle. Just way too good for us. Pretty rare in our league that we get a team that is so unbalanced."

 Coach John A U12Unbalanced Team "We continue with the absurdityof permitting youth teams, with an ENORMOUS difference in soccer skills among them,to play together in the same divisions or tournaments.”

Coach John A Disrupting Habitual Play- Disrupting Habitual  Play - Because many coaches practice the tactic of taking the ball down the wings day in and day out (spread out the defense). Wing-players who constantly take the ball down the line, time after time, in both practice/games will eventually create a personal habit just like playing with ones strong foot.  It is up to your players to figure out what habits the opponent has and force them to do the opposite.

Coach John A - Kick Ball Style - "I must say I think these kickball style tactics are horrible to watch. I absolutely can’t stand it. It’s not soccer"

Coach John A - Playing the Gorilla Team- - "Well, we got our rematch against the team that smoked us 5-0 last time in the first round of the playoffs (a double elimination event). Unfortunately, it was exactly the same score this time, 5-0."

Coach John A - Goalkeeping - It's actually a helpless feeling to see the girl at the edge of the box, in a very dangerous position, with little chance to roll the ball past the opponents. When they get in that predicament they have no idea what to do. I will definitely put aside some significant time to help them in coming weeks if you can give me some good things to try."

 Coach Larry A - No "Field Coaching" Policy - "As a soccer and lacrosse coach for the past five years I'm under the belief that up through the U10 (lacrosse U11) level it is necessary and helpful to have on field coaches to aid the players and help them''

Coach Kevin - Should I Coach my Five Year Old Son? I have a five year old son, soon to be six. We're thinking of signing him up for soccer and I'm thinking of volunteering as the coach. He has expressed interest in playing. I have a couple of concerns

Coach Kevin  Scoring Goals -  Focus on accuracy rather than power.  Focus on composure rather than haste.  It is better to hit the target with a weak shot, than to miss the target with a powerful shot.  At least the weak shot has a chance to make it into the net where the powerful shot often does not.

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